Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama pumps up one part of the economy!

It seems that since the Obama election, a large portion of the American public has decided that regardless of what he said during the election about protecting gun rights, they are going to make sure that THEIR rights are not impinged.

Gun dealers nationwide are reporting gun sales at numbers that are so far beyond normal that even the most optimistic of them is having to revise numbers daily.

If nothing else, the election pumped life into a sector of the economy that the DNC must never have expected.

Some dealers are reporting sales figures that are almost unbelieveable.

One dealer I spoke with told me he had sold every AR15 he had a concession for during the next 12 months and not one of his regular suppliers could give him any idea of when they would have more in stock.

Just a cruise through the only local retailer revealed that the numbers of weapons on display has dropped dramatically in the last 5 days. The staff wasn't sure how much sales were actually up, but told me that "they haven't ever seen anything like this".

Gun sales, already up 15% in October, surged again after Obama won the election, indicating that a large part of the public is not buying into his promise to leave guns alone. While most guns sold are handguns, sales of rifles jumped by a reported 150,000 last month.

Nationwide, retailers are reporting record daily sales, and even the New York Times has noticed it.

I sincerely hope that Obama CAN be the healer he promises to be, and that he CAN reach out and achieve Bi-Partisan goals.

My gut, however, tells me it won't happen that way.

Here's to hoping my gut is wrong!

Looks like Lyle and I were posting about the same thing at the same time!


Danielle said...

Gun sales skyrocketing, my husband rushing to get in line to take the class for the concealed weapons permit, the weak getting weaker, the strong getting stronger. Is this the change that Obama has ramming down our throats that America is so ready for? Well, then, Mr. Obama, I am indeed a little disappointed!

bwaites said...

Danielle, encourage him!! The more people that understand the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the Right that protects all the others, the better.

Mr. Obama has consistently voted against that Right, and must be held to the standard of defending the Constitution in the oath he will swear in January.