Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Late at night...

Your wife, or daughter, or mother is home alone, late at night and hears a window break.

She attempts to run out of the house to a nearby neighbor, but is met at the door by a large man who then assaults and rapes her.

Fortunately, she survives the assault.

2 days later, she is watching TV when she hears a window break again, and then the power goes out.

What does she do? Well, if she lives in Chicago, or New York City, or Washington DC, or San Francisco, she can't do much, because the law says she can't keep a loaded firearm in the house with here. The last time she tried to run, she was assaulted and raped!

But if she lives in Cape Girardeau County Missouri she can...and this woman did!


Good for her!! And this is the protection that liberal politicians have taken away from those in the above cities, and want to take from all of us?

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