Thursday, December 4, 2008

Found this also....

My wife Julie pointed out a few weeks ago that most mass murders in the United States have happened in places where the victim could not provide any protection for themselves because they were considered "Gun Free" zones, such as schools, and increasingly, shopping malls. These places often have prominent signs proudly declaring that they are "Gun Free".

To someone bent on murder, the signs seem to effectively say..."Come on in, no one can shoot back!".

Interestingly, after years of those who try to protect our Second Amendment rights yelling that making places "Gun Free" only protects those who would harm us, the Main Stream Media is finally getting around to actually reporting the facts...and guess what, the facts are exactly what many of us have been saying!!!

Here is a great article, in an unbiased platform, which amazingly enough, made it past the editors and publishers scrutiny to print!

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