Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Bye, Red Robin.....

It has recently come to my attention, and been confirmed by corporate Red Robin Restaurants in an email, that:

Hello xxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your comments and feedback.

Red Robin company policy prohibits our Team Members, Guests and Vendors from possessing weapons on Red Robin premises regardless of whether or not the person is licensed to carry the weapon.

The only exception to this policy is those individuals employed in local, state and federal law enforcement that are required to carry a weapon as part of their duty to protect and serve the public.

Thanks again for your comments.
Red Robin Guest Relations

Note that this eliminates even RETIRED police officers from carrying in their restaurants.

It has also been noted that Fuddruckers and Buffalo Wild Wings also have similar policies, though I have not personally confirmed that as I have with Red Robin. I have spent fairly significant sums of money at Red Robin over the years, and have eaten multiple times at both the others, but that is all in the past unless they choose to revisit their ways.

They are certainly within their rights to do so, it is private property, after all.

But when any business chooses to eliminate one of the rights given to us by the Constitution, and only very recently reinforced by the Supreme Court, I have the right, even the obligation, to take my business elsewhere.

Ignoring these little revocations of freedom by those who do not revere the very document that allows them the opportunity to pursue economic activity is admitting that those rights are not important to us all.

If they were to deny entrance to blacks, or Jews, there would be widespread public criticism, but when they do so to a group that is not quite so easily identified, there is minimal complaint.

As for me, well, there are still plenty of other places to eat!

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